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Roccia Emerald Signature Style Tweed 3 Piece Suit

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Tweedmaker Signature Collection

Spring 2022

Out-dress your peers

A sophisticated gent like yourself needs to stay classy AND comfortable year-round. Outdress your peers and keep it classy in warmer weather too!

With subtle earthy tones, this tweed creates an irresistible, contemporary style that will give you that swagger in your step!!

Standout details

With tweed the difference is in the detail. Every element of a

Tweedmaker suit is designed to impress, from the lining to the label.

Tailored to you

We take your measurements for a perfect made-to-measure fit. You’re a gentleman, not a mannequin. 

Comfort and confidence

You’ll look and feel your best in a Tweedmaker suit. Not only will you struggle to find someone with the same suit as you, but our fabric is breathable, too.

Made to order in less than a month

Our new Tweedmaker Signature Line Suits are made with the highest quality materials and made to order, and we are cutting down the wait!

While supplies last

This limited edition suit is an absolutely necessary addition to your wardrobe so hurry up and grab yours today!


Three unique linings to choose from

Dobby Gypsy  Disco


Looking for an irresistible tweed suit that will keep you cool and classy during the warmer months?

We've got you covered! 

Handmade to perfection, these threads are designed with only the classiest of gentlemen in mind. Order your Signature Style Tweed Suit and secure your place in the ranks of stylish, modern gentlemen.

We’ll follow up with you to make sure you’re as smug as you should be with your new purchase.

Note: This suit is fully custom-tailored for a perfect fit out of the box. Not suited for first-time buyers who want to test quality first as this customization work renders a suit non-refundable and non-returnable.

Our suits are shipped directly from our team of expert tailors abroad and VAT or Import charges may apply. 

We have limited stock of these fabrics, and if unavailable we will contact you asap to change to a different color, or refund 100% of your purchase price.