8 Heatwave Style Rules for The Modern Gentleman

June 27, 2022

Heatwave style isn’t easy. The warmer weather can wreak havoc on the tightly tailored, carefully curated wardrobe of the modern gentleman.  

It throws our well-planned outfits into disarray — and leaves us pulling on and putting together pieces that simply don’t go (or that leave us sweating profusely a few hours later). 

To save you from any fashion faux-pas this summer, we’ve outlined eight sweat-proof style rules to guide you through the warmer weather. You’re welcome. 



Find a lightweight shirt

First things first; the go-to summer shirt. 

And no, we’re not talking about that Hawaiian print number — we mean a practical, go-anywhere, do-anything shirt that can withstand the heat. 

That means a lightweight, breathable material. 

Opt for a tailored cotton shirt or a quality linen number, for a shirt that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable under the rays. 


Dress light, bright and white

There’s a reason summer suits are lighter in colour than their winter counterparts. 

The sun is less likely to affect you if you wear brighter, lighter colours this summer. With this in mind, incorporate as many white, off-white or pastel-coloured clothes into your wardrobe.




No flip-flops, ever

It goes without saying, leave the Oxfords at home. But that doesn’t mean a green light for the good old flip-flops. 

Instead, stick to the staples of summer footwear; loafers and boat shoes.


Get a hat

There's nothing like a classic cap to keep the glare of the sun off of your face. 

For an option more fitting for the modern gentleman, opt for a newsboy cap — it may not shield your eyes from the sun, but it will protect your scalp whilst winning you Peaky Blinders-esqe style points. Win-win?


Sun cream, sun cream, sun cream

Do we need to say it again? Just wear the sun cream.

There is nothing stylish about sunburn. 

We’ve all felt the pain of blistering skin, and it goes without saying that it’s better avoided this summer. 


Invest in sunglasses 

The crowning glory of any warm-weather outfit — a good pair of sunnies. 

Opt for a quality pair that will enhance your outfit, whilst protecting your eyes. If you tend to wear beiges, blues and greys then consider adding a tortoiseshell pair to your collection. If you prefer to wear brighter colour, go for black. 


Get the legs out

Often a no-go for gentlemanly fashion, shorts are a needs must in a heatwave. Let’s not go quite as far as Bermuda shorts or a sporty number just yet, but there are some great options available to keep you looking chic (and keeping you cool!)

Tailored linen shorts are formal enough to wear with a smart shirt — but breathable enough to keep cool. 


Pay attention to fabrics

It almost sounds too obvious. Pay attention to your choice of fabric. We may specialize in tweed, but we’ll be the first to say — don’t don your classic tweed suit on the hottest day of the year. 

Wear the wrong fabrics and you'll not only run the risk of sweating profusely, but you'll look unnecessarily uncomfortable all day long. 

Silk-linen mixes and cotton are your best bet here. In fact, anything even remotely breathable is your best friend. 


At Tweedmaker, we have a great range of worsted wool suits. Now, don’t let the wool put you off —  'worsted' refers to the yarn the cloth is woven from. Longer fibres are used, and spun into a finer yarn. 

This sleeker yarn produces finer cloth — perfect for those summer temperatures. 

Browse our range and begin planning your ultimate summer suit get-up now.