After scouring the globe for quality fabrics and talented tailors… Tweedmaker was born.

It all began with that gorgeous kilt and jacket I inherited from my Scottish uncle. A woman in a stairway in Edinburgh made it for him when he was 14, back in the ‘60s. The quality is impeccable. I’d wear it to every family event.

That kilt and jacket inspired my fascination for traditional men’s clothing. When I grew out of it, I began searching for tweed of the same quality – exquisite layers of satin and wool.

After one too many disappointing suits, expensive mistakes and frustrating online purchases, I took matters into my own hands. 

Enter my new friend Mark Lee. He’s Chinese and he makes the best tweed suits in the world. I know what you’re thinking… why would a Scot want to wear a Chinese suit? Well, ever since I grew out of that kilt, I’ve never been able to find good quality tailoring I could actually afford.

I wanted to recreate the artisanal quality of the old times, like the lady who sewed my kilt and jacket in a stairway.

It’s becoming less and less common to find locally made tweed – most have moved abroad. Leaving locally made suits selling at inaccessible prices.

I decided to dive deep into the art of British suit making to learn how to do it right, and to put an end to the elitism by making my favourite gentlemanly style accessible, at lower than high street prices. 

The stunning suits I designed with Mark are the answer to anyone looking for timeless tweed style, without a painful hole in your pocket!

But what about getting a well tailored suit online? It took a bit to get this part right… until we hired Tonya! Tonya is a fashion-sizing expert who really knows size. She makes all our clients double check their measurements - and she’s created a unique sizing system that makes it so easy for us to get it right almost every time we create a suit for someone.

Plus we have 30 days free returns. But we hardly get any now, thanks to Tonya and her smart sizing system.

Bringing tweed back to life in the UK.

Our suits are proudly and ethically made in China, created by professional Chinese tailors, each with over 20 years of experience - literally the best in the world! Sewn in good working conditions and sent straight to your door.

We’re all about making you feel confident, from the moment you click buy, to the day you step out in your perfectly fitting suit.

We make it easy and seamless (no pun intended!) to exchange or refund any suit you’re not 100% happy with, through our no-questions-asked 30-day returns policy.

Tweedmaker is your place to find classy, accessible style, so you can show up at your best when it matters most.

Thanks for shopping with us,

Ryan & Tonya