A Guide to Men's Summer Suits: How to Look Stylish and Stay Cool

August 04, 2021

Tweed suits in the summertime you say? Surely, it’s not possible?

Well – you may be surprised to learn – it’s a resounding yes from us.

Above those audible gasps, we wanted to share how a tweed suit is an ideal way to look stylish and stay cool during summer events.

Of course, tweed is the tasteful and timeless choice for the winter months. It’s durable, warm and classically elegant. But tweed is such a versatile and breathable fabric, it’s great for the summer too.

In this ultimate guide to men’s summer suits, we’ve got you covered (and cool). We’ll first explore exactly what tweed is – before sharing our top tips for rocking not just a summer suit, but a tweed one too.

tweed wedding suit

What is tweed?

Tweed has a long and intriguing history. The fabric initially emerged in Scotland and Ireland as a hard-wearing fabric for farmers and hunters. Known as Clò-Mór in Gaelic (“the big cloth”), it was woven to be weather-proof.

Tweed was (and remains) an immensely practical fabric; water-resistant, durable and insulating. It quickly became the perfect solution for withstanding damp, dull and dreich winter months. As a result, the British aristocracy adopted the material in the 1800s. This transformed tweed into a “must-have” for any aspiring chap-about-town.

With greater popularity, improved production methods made tweed more affordable and widely accessible.

Whilst tweed was traditionally made from 100% wool, modern combinations blend lighter fabrics such as cotton or polyester with the wool. This makes it much less heavy, more breathable, and eminently suitable for the summer months.

Today, tweed comes in a massive array of weights, weaves and colours. It ranges from plains and pastels, to dark and dense, lightweight and colourful – and just about every imaginable variation in between.


Summer styling

Any sophisticated gent will no doubt have a plethora of weddings, garden parties and sporting events to attend. With all these invitations, what to wear can soon become a conundrum.

Luckily, there are many styling options for men’s summer suits. In the warmer months, tweed is the ultimate saviourdaytime, offering classic versatility and elegance.

So what are the best ways to stay stylish whilst keeping cool in tweed?


Choose seasonal colours

When you think of tweed, it’s likely your mind will jump to earthy, dark colours. These certainly are traditional – but the good news is that tweed has always been inspired by the land and the seasons.

Subdued greys and greens were perfect for granite winter skies and mossy woodlands. But why not take inspiration from tweed’s rich history, and reflect the summer landscape around you now?

Men’s summer suits can mirror vivid blue skies, sandy earth or pale grey pebbles in cooling rivers. Lighter greens and blues capture the lushness of the summer season, whilst tans exudes effortless summer cool.


brown tweed wedding suits

Break the rules

The three-piece suit is a style icon for a reason. But you don’t always have to follow the pack!

Tweed is a fantastic accessory. Consider pairing tweed trousers with a light linen shirt, or if a jacket is required – contrast tweed with some classic chinos. Just a small amount of this quintessential fabric will inject charm and class into any look.

Think of a tweed jacket as an accessory in its own right. For an informal day-time event, a cool shirt will work well during daylight hours. When the temperature drops, your trusty tweed jacket will assist the transition from day-time cool to night-time elegance.


Be adaptable

As we’ve seen, a stylish gentleman is always adaptable.

Waistcoats add an elegant finishing touch to any suit. Their primary purpose is to provide a sense of layering and formality to your look – but there are times when a lighter touch is required!

Adapt your style throughout summer events; adding and removing layers as the weather and formality dictates. Shirt and tie, shirt and waistcoat, jacket – and what about adding hats and braces? As you can see, there are many options.

When styling your waistcoat, do pair it with a proper shirt (great tailoring goes such a long way). A good waistcoat doesn’t just complete a look, but it also smooths the wearer’s silhouette. You may find it tempting during the summer months to opt for looser fits, but these can end up making the outfit look saggy and shapeless.

Real style always comes from being true to yourself – so go with the fit and accessories that are right for you.

gent in tweed with dog

Accessorise appropriately

It’s the little details that make or break any look – so accessorise appropriately. If you’re just getting started with tweed, there are plenty of extras to complete your outfit.

On a summer’s day, you’ll undoubtedly remove your jacket at some point. If you’re worried a plain shirt feels a bit “bare”, caps, ties and braces are all perfect additions. Good quality accessories retain visual interest without weighing you down.

Both men and women’s caps are currently experiencing a major style resurgence. Popularised by “Peaky Blinders” the iconic silhouette of the newsboy cap is the ideal way to convey an edge of vintage cool. Not only does it look great, but there’s also a practical benefit of keeping the sun off your face on warm days. A double win.


tweed suit with matchin flat cap

Braces (or suspenders) are another fabulous accessory for confident dressers. A high-quality men’s summer suit should really be worn with braces. They allow the suit to hang properly and won't bunch trousers at the waistband.

We’re sure we don’t need to remind any discerning gents – but just avoid the cardinal sin of doubling up on belt and braces!

Whatever weather the summer months throw at us – tweed is the choice for stylish men’s summer suits. Even in the warmest months, you can still rock that tweed suit with careful attention to colour, layering and accessories. It really is the ultimate year-round fabric.

Here at Tweedmaker, we stock exquisite tweed suits for every occasion. Our beautifully crafted yet affordable suits are the perfect choice for summer. Browse our collection today and ensure you’re looking your best for that next important event.