Head-to-toe styling tips for a green tweed suit

October 19, 2022

Head-to-toe styling tips for a green tweed suit

Green tweed suits have historically been a mainstay in the country. Just conjure up the image of a gentleman shooting or riding in the 1900s –– they’re wearing a green tweed suit, right?

In the last few decades, there’s been a huge uptick in the number of men opting for green tweed. It’s such a versatile colour, available in an array of shades and designs that make it the perfect outfit for an urban setting, too.

Whether you’re donning a traditional three-piece green tweed suit, or just pairing a green tweed jacket with jeans for an afternoon at the pub, it’s the ideal choice for a polished and dapper look. 

But how does one style a green suit? A gentleman always wants to look sharp — and not like Kermit! — so it’s all about choosing the right accessories to complement the shade. Let’s take a look.  

What shoes do you wear with a green tweed suit?

Green suit with brown shoes

Always brown! 

Go for suede or leather, whichever you prefer. The rule of thumb is that the darker your suit, the darker your shoe. Lighter green suits can be paired with tan shoes, while forest green looks best with dark brown.

Also, remember to find a belt that perfectly matches the shade of your shoes!

What shirt do you wear with a green tweed suit?

Here, it’s best to stick with a crisp white shirt. Save the coloured shirts and experiment when wearing black and navy suits. A green tweed suit is already something of a statement, so will always look best paired with a white shirt and black tie. 

If you really want to embrace colour, opt for light blue. It will add dimension without being overwhelming. 

What tie do you wear with a green tweed suit?

Assuming you’ve kept it simple with a white shirt, you can use your tie for a splash of colour. For more formal events, a black, brown, or green tie is best.

However, there are some exceptions. Deep burgundy and light blue ties can contrast amazingly with a green tweed suit. Just try to match the hues: lighter colours tend to go together, and the same with darker colours. For example, light blue and mint green, or navy and bottle green. 

How to wear green tweed for a casual look

Though some people associate tweed with country dressing, it’s actually a far more versatile fabric than you may realise. More and more city dwellers are turning to tweed –– not just because it looks good, but also because it’s durable and long-lasting. 

The best thing about purchasing a tweed suit is that each piece can also be worn separately, and still look just as fashionable. 

Say you invest in a hunter-green tweed suit for a wedding. If you know how to style it properly, that jacket will quickly become one of your wardrobe staples. An outfit consisting of blue jeans, a smart belt, a white linen shirt, and a green tweed jacket is the epitome of city sophistication. Top it off with boots, loafers, or even white sneakers, and you’re ready for everything from a lunch date, to a night at the theatre or drinks with the in-laws. 

Best tips for wearing green tweed

The main things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your shirt/tie combo simple –– white and black always works
  • Opt for brown shoes
  • Choose the right shade of green to suit your skin tone
  • Be sure to choose the right size.

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