How to look smart when the weather can't make up its mind!

September 23, 2021

As we move from one season to the next, it can be rather difficult to know how to dress weather appropriately! 

How many times have you looked out of the window in the morning to see beautiful rays of sunshine and dressed accordingly - only to be caught in a downpour of rain and cold winds by lunch time? 

Countless times. We’ve all been there!

The next day you perhaps decide to be more prepared and wrap yourself up in warmer attire, to find yourself overheating when that fickle sunshine makes its inevitable comeback. 

So what is the key to transitional dressing?

That is to say, dressing for those odd weeks between summer and autumn (or winter to spring), when we often experience all four seasons in a day?

In a word - tweed. 

How to hack transitional dressing with tweed

Tweed is often associated with milder temperatures, but little do they know, it’s perfect all year round!

Its rough, thick and water-resistant material does make it perfectly suited for brisker times. Of course, back in the day its purpose was to shield the good outdoorsmen from the damp or harsher conditions. 

Tweed is now quite the fashion statement for a gentleman, it has come a long way. 

Tailoring advances have seen creative fabric blends reduce the density and weight of the tweed garment.

The talented tailors experimented with different wools, cottons and lighter fabrics to produce the modern, elegant suits that we know and love.

The addition of loose twills into the material helps to lighten the load, making it a comfortable and charming attire - no matter the weather!

Why settle for a less-than suit just because the sun has made an appearance? There is no reason to cast your favourite tweed pieces aside on warmer days! Especially for formal occasions such as weddings that truly warrant the elegance that the tweed suit naturally brings. 

Perhaps you’re concerned that the typical earthy colours of tweed suits may be too wintery for the autumnal period.

But my dear friend, you would be quite mistaken!

There are many colour options for an elegant tweed suit, we can assure you! Blue is a particularly favoured colour on those summer-esque afternoons. 

But how can we equip ourselves further against the temperamental wonder that is mother nature?

Opt for the three piece tweed suit

Wedding couple tweed suit

It’s common for people to advise to ‘layer up’ as the seasons change. This way, you can put more clothes on when it’s chillier and immediately remove said layers if it warms up.

A three piece suit allows you to do just this. 

You may start the day off blessed with warm sunshine. At this point, you can simply wear your shirt and trousers to keep cool. 

Now let’s imagine the sun has gone behind the clouds. It’s the perfect time to put your waistcoat on. It will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish. This in fact presents the perfect occasion to show off your waistcoat - a most impressive and handsome garment that will have heads turning. 

man in suit beside a car

As the evening draws in, you may start to feel the chill. That’s when the tweed jacket can finally make its appearance.

Or perhaps if it’s warm but spitting with rain, you could remove the waistcoat and pop on the jacket.

Do you see now how the tweed three piece can be so versatile and ideal for all weathers?

Even if you’re not attending formal events, the tweed jacket may accompany you to more relaxed get-togethers. The jacket alone would look dashing with chinos or jeans on the bottom, and a polo shirt or t-shirt on top! 

Don’t forget to remind your other half to bring a jacket of their own, you won’t want to give up your tweed, believe you me!

No matter when or where you don your tweed suit, you can be sure that you’ll be one of - if not the best dressed. 

Ready for your own weather transcending suit?

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