Our Tweed Heroes: Benedict Cumberbatch

April 26, 2022

Tweed will never go out of style. 

It’s been a popular fabric choice for men (and women!) for literally hundreds of years –– and we’re confident it’s not going anywhere. 

Over the centuries, tweed has come a long way. With different colours, patterns and styles now available, you’ve really got the opportunity to take tweed and make it your own.

As part of our Tweed Heroes series, we’re taking a look at the gentlemen who are doing exactly that. Making it their own. Today’s tweed hero is none other than the modern Sherlock himself – Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Benedict Cumberbatch: style icon

From his career-defining role as Sherlock Holmes to playing Doctor Strange in the Marvel-Verse, Benedict’s acting credits are just as respectable as his outfit choices! Stylistically, Mr. Cumberbatch is fairly understated, with a look that is most easily described as quintessentially British.

His effortless and always-appropriate attire makes him notable as an example of the style of a modern gentleman. Whether it’s on-screen, on the red carpet, or just popping down to the shops, there’s a lot of inspiration to be taken from Benedict’s wardrobe. And of course, tweed is front and centre. 

Let’s take a tour through our favourite of his looks. 

Brightly-coloured tweed

This man is not afraid to make a statement with his suits –– a fact proven by the bold teal tweed suit he wore to watch Wimbledon in 2016. Paired with a light blue shirt and a navy tie, Benedict serves as a good reminder to step outside the usual greys and blacks when selecting a suit. 

The tweed coat


Sherlock is rarely seen without a heavy overcoat –– he is British, after all! Of course, Benedict pulls off the swooshing tweed coat perfectly, often worn over a smart and well-tailored suit. 

The tweed cap

Probably one of the most versatile additions to a British gentleman’s wardrobe, a tweed flat cap can accessorise any outfit. And it doesn't have to always be formal! Benedict rocked a tweed cap with a leather jacket while arriving in LA. Add in a pair of dark sunglasses and you’ve got a perfect off-duty outfit… without looking too casual. 

The mix-and-match tweed jacket


For his role as Alan Turing in The Im­i­ta­tion Game, Benedict sported a smart grey tweed jacket, over a plaid tie and dark grey shirt. Though it’s a far cry from his bright blue Wimbledon outfit, this suit jacket shows off just how versatile tweed can be –– perfect for any occasion! Buying a tweed suit is a truly worthy investment, as it can be worn together or as separates.

The formal tweed

A three-piece tweed suit is the height of gentlemanly fashion. Sure, it’s cool to mix and match, but for a formal occasion you can’t go past a cohesive look –– like Benedict’s navy blue tweed suit on the red carpet in 2019. By keeping his shirt, tie, and shoes neutral, he’s allowed the splendour of tweed to speak for itself. A good reminder that sometimes less is more!

How to recreate Benedict Cumberbatch’s tweed style with the help of Tweedmaker

You don’t need to be a famous detective or Marvel superhero to pull off the tweed look! Here are some ways to incorporate tweed into your wardrobe, piece by piece. 

Tweed three-piece suits

As we’ve mentioned, this is the perfect investment, particularly if you’re just starting your journey into expanding your wardrobe. A three-piece suit can be worn all together for a formal look or donned as separates if you’re aiming for something more laid-back. 

With easy sizing and the best quality craftsmanship, when shopping at Tweedmaker you can count on getting a suit that both looks and feels amazing. 

Tweed cap

If you take anything from this deep dive into Mr. Cumberbatch’s wardrobe, let it be this: tweed flat caps will never be out of style. They go with everything, from black-tie suits to denim and a white t-shirt. In fact, they’re the perfect way to class up an outfit, to remind everyone that you’re always a well-dressed gentleman at heart. Tweedmaker’s grey tweed newsboy cap is the best wardrobe investment you’ll make all year. 

Colourful tweed

Benedict Cumberbatch loves a coloured tweed suit –– and so can you! It’s a great way to bring a bit of spice and personality to your outfit if you’re the kind of gentleman who wants to stand out from the crowd. 

Ready to start incorporating more tweed into your wardrobe? Visit Tweedmaker to find everything you need. With a great selection of colours, patterns, and suit accessories you’re sure to find the perfect fit.