Which Tweed Suit Colour Suits You?

October 17, 2022

A gentleman may not be aware of just how important suit colour really is.

While fabric, fit and suitability for the occasion are certainly all important factors, nothing is more crucial for finding your perfect suit than knowing your skin tone. Enter: colour theory.

Broadly speaking, each of us can be divided into four different profiles named after the four seasons. For example, gentlemen with pale skin and light eyes are typically ‘Summers’, while those with golden undertones and rich-coloured eyes tend to be ‘Autumns’.

Once you figure out your colouring, it is much easier to shop for clothing and accessories that will complement you perfectly. Is a blue tweed suit right for your profile? Or how about a green, grey or brown tweed suit? 

Trends come and go but a gentleman’s season will always remain the same. 

As a brief overview:

  • Springs have clear and warm skin, with light eyes and hair. They have a light skin colour for their ethnicity and tend to blush peach rather than pink.
  • Summers have a cool undertone and low contrast between skin and hair. Blue and grey eyes are typical of summer colouring. 
  • Autumns lean toward a more golden colouring in skin, hair and eyes. Hair tends to be dark brown or red, while their eyes are rich greens and warm browns.
    • Finally, winters are clear and cool, often with olive undertones to the skin. A winter’s hair is often ashy, dark brown or black, while eyes are bright blue/green or deep brown. 

    Once you know your colouring, you may be amazed to find that you were already subconsciously dressing for your colour. All those years of buying green and brown clothing, only to find out it’s because you’re an Autumn!

    We know that there’s a psychological link between the colours you wear and your personality, and understanding your colouring takes it one step further. 

    With colour theory in mind, let’s take a look at the most common tweed colours, and who they’d best suit. 

    Who should wear a navy blue tweed suit?


    Blue tweed suits complement winter and autumn colourings best. 

    Gentlemen with an autumn colouring are those with mid-brown to black hair, or — as you’d expect — medium to deep red locks. Autumns have hazel, brown, olive or warm green eyes.

    Winter colouring is ashy mid-brown hair — not too dark or light — with grey-blue or clear-blue piercing eyes. Bright green is also a hallmark eye colour for Winters.

    Who should wear a green tweed suit?


    Green tweed suits look tremendous on an autumn man. Green pairs superbly with auburn or warm brown hair. And if you happen to have green eyes, a green tweed will highlight them like no other. 

    Those with autumn colouring have warm, golden undertones to their skin, which will offset a deep green tweed suit nicely. 

    Who should wear a grey tweed suit?

    There’s a reason that grey is one of the most popular tweed suit colours –– it tends to work for everyone. But it still pays to know your colouring, and choose the right hue of grey to match.

    Grey tweed suits are always the best choice for gentlemen with summer colouring. Summer is light blonde to medium brown hair, cool green, grey-brown or grey eyes.

    A deep grey — like slate — is a great option for those with winter colouring; that is, medium brown hair and clear blue or green eyes. 

    A lighter grey tweed suit, or even grey linen, is ideal for men with spring colouring –– clear, warm skin, blonde or light brown hair with gold undertones and clear blue, green, turquoise or hazel eyes. 

    Who should wear a brown tweed suit?

    A brown tweed suit is undeniably perfect for a gent of autumn colouring. Just like with green, brown will match perfectly with the rich skin tone and golden or red undertones of an Autumn’s hair. 

    No matter the colour of tweed you’re looking for, Tweedmaker should be your first port of call. We’re experts in everything tweed and craft high-quality custom tweed suits for a perfect fit that feels great. 

    Once you know your season, head to our online store to find the perfect suit for you.