Why tweed is the perfect winter material

December 21, 2021

You may have already guessed it. But here at TweedMaker HQ we have a bit of a thing for tweed.

We love wearing (and seeing our customers wearing) tweed suits all year round. Nevertheless, there’s something about those wintery months that makes tweed feel like the perfect fit.

 Yes – there’s no denying it – tweed material is ideal for winter. And here are a few other very good reasons why. 

What makes tweed material perfect for winter?

Tweed material stands up to wintery weather

Tweed dates back to 18th century Scotland, when outdoor types sought out a dense and heavy cloth to protect them from the harsh climate.

Via the upper echelons of English society tweed material made its way into the present day, where it continues to resist the worst weather a winter day can throw at us.  

Tweed material is made from wool – but not just any wool.

The fact that tweed wool is left unstraightened gives the material its characteristic rough finish. It also helps to trap in lots of heat, which is exactly what you want when the temperature plummets.

This age old material is also water resistant – good news for both sheep and tweed wearers on a rainy day. And it’s super hardwearing. All of which makes it the perfect choice for weather-proof winter wear.

Tweed is great for layering

Layers. The key to successful winter dressing. Don and divest yourself of layers correctly and you can move seamlessly from the blustery blizzard outside to your spot by the fire – glass of port in hand.

With tweed, it’s easy to layer up and keep each new version of your ensemble befitting of a modern gent.

A tweed pea coat and newsboy cap. A tweed suit jacket and trousers. A tweed waistcoat. Combine or mismatch all of these elements (along with appropriate shirt and neckwear) for a splendid sartorial statement – whatever the venue or conditions.  

Tweed comes in lots of beautiful, wintery colours

The luxurious texture of tweed makes it well suited to a range of beautiful, wintery and natural colours.

Think tweed suits in moss green, light brown and stormy dark grey. You can also take things in a festive direction with beautiful wine red and olive green tweed ensembles.

So forget the boring dark blues and blacks of traditional winter suit attire. Tweed helps you to dress with personality, opening up a whole new world of refined colour and understated pattern – even during the darkest months of the year.

Tweed is versatile and classically stylish

If you’re going to make just one winter wardrobe investment this year, make it tweed. Tweed is a master of versatility.

It’s smart enough for office-based working but casual enough for a cosy dinner with friends. Wherever you find yourself this winter, you can count on tweed’s classic style fitting right in.

And tweed’s versatility doesn’t stop there. It’s warm enough for frosty mornings and snowy afternoons. But it’s breathable too – so you won’t overheat on a typically mild and drizzly winter day in the city.  

A tweed suit can even be your first port of call throughout the rest of the year, even during the summer – yes, really!

Ready to give your winter wardrobe a tweed update?

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