Standard Size Fit Calculator

After many years of trial and error, our expert tailors have perfected the way we can make sure every gent gets the best fitting suit of you life. Use the 3 calculators below to find your perfect fit combination.  Please note: standard sizes are UK/USA sizing. If you have any questions please contact Tonya at

Jacket Size

Vest Size

Pants Size

Note: If your belly measures the same as or larger than your chest, our calculator will always recommend a larger jacket & waistcoat size to accommodate the belly. In the case where the belly measures larger than the chest, custom tailoring is often the best option unless you expect a downward fluctuation of the belly size.  See below for detailed measurement instructions.

Measuring For Our Fit Calculators


Your chest size is determined by measuring around the widest part of your chest. This is typically just below your armpits and just above your nipples. Remember to breathe normally, you don't want to hold your breath, otherwise you will be squeezing into the suit. Make sure that the tape measure is snug, but not too tight against your chest and do not overextend the chest.


Your belly measurement helps us fit the best suit to you, in combination with your chest our team can ensure your suit is spot on. Your belly is measured over your navel.

Note: If your belly measures larger than your chest, we will always recommend a larger size to accomodate the belly.  Where the belly is larger than the chest, custom tailoring is often the best option. 


Measure the waist perimeter below the navel and at the height you wear your suit pants. This will normally be at 4 fingers below the navel unless belly is larger. Don’t use jeans as a reference,since they usually sit lower than suit pants.

Important: this measurement will not equal to your normal pants size -do not be surprised that it is larger.


Measure around the widest part of hip,ensuring there is room for one finger behind the tape; the tape should be level and not too tight.


Measure an already well fitting pair of trousers from the crotch seam down to the end of the leg hem.