Our Tweed Heroes: Colin Firth

March 25, 2022

Nothing says style quite like a tweed suit. While it has a long and storied history, starting as a hardy fabric for men of the country, and evolving into a versatile choice for everyone, tweed still holds its own against modern fashion trends.

At Tweedmaker, we’re all about tweed –– obviously! We love celebrating the men who champion tweed suits, and today we’re taking a look at British icon Colin Firth. More specifically, his role in the film franchise The Kingsman.

When the first Kingsman movie hit cinemas in 2014, it caused ripples in the world of high-end men's fashion. The film’s wardrobe department went above and beyond to create the idea of a true gentleman through outfit choices. Every suit is tailored to perfection, with luxurious fabrics and striking cuts. 

Of course, the band of impeccably suited men in The Kingsman is led by Colin Firth, today’s Tweed Hero. His character Harry says that “the suit is the modern gentleman’s armour”.. And we’d have to agree. The Kingsmen’s secret lair is found hidden beneath a Savile Row tailor, so it’s no surprise that fashion plays such an important role in the film. 

Let’s take a look at some of his most memorable looks. 

The double-breasted jacket


Double-breasted suit jackets are the perfect way to bring classic elegance into a modern wardrobe. All of Harry’s jackets in the film are in the six-on-two style, meaning it has six buttons in two rows. While four-on-two is the more traditional style, the extra buttons make a real statement. It’s more formal, and certainly more gentlemanly. 

You’ll note that he rarely - if ever - does up his bottom button. The key to wearing a double-breasted suit, particularly one with six buttons, is to only ever do up the middle one. The jacket is tailored to sit best with only the middle one closed –– the bottom one’s just there for style. 


You simply can’t go past a three-piece suit. And the best thing about them is their versatility. As we can see in several Kingsman scenes, you can lose the jacket and just pair matching pants and a waistcoat for a more casual look. 

Drawing on tweed’s traditional roots as a fabric for men of the country, wearing just a waistcoat and pants allows for maximum arm movement (whether you’re duck shooting on a farm or, more likely,  just going about your workday). 

Classic colours

One of the benefits of tweed is the ability to play with colour and print to let your personality shine through. Harry is often seen in a grey tweed jacket, sometimes with white pinstripes. It lends to his “no-nonsense”, buttoned-up character. 

While other characters in the film tend to experiment more with textures and colours, Harry sticks to what he knows and loves. And that’s the beauty of fashion! Find what works for you and make it your own. 

How to recreate Colin Firth’s tweed style with the help of Tweedmaker

You don’t need to be an international super spy to dress well! Tweed is for everyone, and we’re here to help you find your ultimate tweed look. 

Tweed three-piece suits

First up, you’ll need a three-piece suit. Wear it all together for formal events or when you need to add a touch of elegance to your day. Or forgo the jacket and just rep the waistcoat and pants for a more casual look. We’ve got an excellent range of three-piece tweed suits to browse. 

Grey tweed


Harry’s signature suit is a grey tweed, which is the perfect option as a starter suit if you’re just getting into wearing tweed. It’s elegant and understated and can be pulled out of your wardrobe for a wide variety of occasions. 

Colourful tweed

OK fine. Harry isn’t known for his brightly-coloured suits. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good option for you! We’re not all quite as buttoned-up as Colin Firth, after all. Add some more personality to your tweed by injecting some colour into your wardrobe.

Visit Tweedmaker to find your ideal tweed style. With a wide selection of colours and patterns, you’re sure to find the perfect Colin Firth-inspired fit.