5 groom wear trends you’ll want to take on board for the 2022 Spring-Summer wedding season

Nothing says ‘spring is in the air’ like wedding invitations flying through the letterbox. 

Maybe your best friend has asked you to be a groomsman and the pressure to scrub up well is firmly on your shoulder? And if it’s your wedding that’s coming around this year, no doubt you’re already busy preparing for one of the most memorable days of your life.

No worries. We have the perfect groom wear tips and trends to make sure whatever role you have at a wedding this year, you’ll be looking top-notch.

So without further ado, here are our top five trends for groom wear this year…

Get wedding season ready with these 5 groom wear trends

1. All-year-round tweeds

Tweeds are typically associated with autumn and winter wardrobes, and thicker tweeds are certainly best suited to colder seasons. But combining a light, textured tweed waistcoat with your groom’s or groomsman suit will help create a rustic yet elegant twist to your outfit. 

A Spring-Summer tweed looks particularly at home for a countrywide wedding, or one with a vintage theme.

Worried that you wouldn’t wear a tweed suit once the wedding season is over? A good quality tweed will last you years, so check out our guide to getting extra mileage out of a wedding outfit once you’ve said “I do”.

2. Slim, tailored fits

We’re not talking about spray-on trousers here! After all, you want to be comfortable on your special day — and tighter-than-tighter trousers aren’t the hallmark of a sophisticated gentleman.

Instead, the suit should taper in slightly at the waist and ankles for a neat, sharp look, perfect for the gentleman of today. At Tweedmaker, we offer a made-to-measure groom wear service, so you really will rock up at the ceremony looking your best. 

3. Burgundy tones

Blue and black are consistently favourite colours for male guests, grooms and groom wear in general. But 2022 calls for something a bit more unexpected! Why not try burgundy — especially if your spouse-to-be is set to carry wine-coloured flowers in the bouquet. 

Going all-out Burgundy creates a truly distinctive look. Or you could always combine a Burgundy waistcoat with a dark suit for a more subtle nod to this 2022 trend. And for those who just want a small, sophisticated pop of colour, then the Burgundy tie is an exquisite option.

4. Statement waistcoats

Statement waistcoats are another big groom wear trend for 2022 — the perfect way for you and/or your groomsmen to stand out from the crowd. 

Incorporating a waistcoat with a contrasting colour or print from the rest of your outfit will ensure that your look is formal and yet contemporary: totally on point. Once again Tweedmaker has you sorted with our range of stylish, made-to-measure waistcoats. Or if you’d prefer to keep everything in the same tone, then why not opt for contrasting buttons to add a dapper twist? 

5. Brace yourself

You’ve got your shirt, suit and shoes sorted but what about rocking some statement suspenders, otherwise known as braces? Perfect for a warm, summer wedding when a waistcoat under your jacket seems like a layer too many, vintage suspenders like these from Tweedmaker with genuine leather straps will round off your elegant look to perfection. 

More comfortable than a belt, they add an extra touch of class once your jacket comes off and you start to throw some shapes on the dance floor.

What will your groom or groomsmen wear to a 2022 wedding?

Now you’ve got some ideas for the leading groom wear trends for 2022, it’s time to start honing in on what works best for you and the wedding you have in store. Make sure you choose something you’re comfortable with — don’t feel under pressure to wear something just because it’s ‘on trend’. But also don’t be afraid to try something new. Sometimes just adding a pop of colour can make all the difference to a look.

For more inspiration, check out Tweedmaker’s impressive line of suits and browse through our wedding page to get an idea of what other tweed-loving customers have worn.

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