The Art of the Pocket Square

December 18, 2020

The Art of the Pocket Square

There are a few ways you can set your style apart when wearing a classic suit. Naturally, before anything else, you first have to decide what kind of suit to wear – two piece or three piece? Single or double breasted? What style of collar? What type of fabric? And of course, what color of suit? One you’ve gotten all that sorted, you can set yourself apart with the garments you choose to wear along with your suit – your dress shirt, your necktie, your shoes and also, your pocket square.

A pocket square is a little style accessory that can make a big impact on your overall look. While it’s not mandatory to wear one with your suit and trousers ensemble, and it is quite frankly often neglected, that small piece of fabric can make all the difference, adding just that touch of sophisticated style. Now, don’t feel intimidated by this little accessory, thinking that you’re not exactly sure how to wear one with your suit or fold it into the pocket. We’re sharing a little cheat sheet with a few different and easy ways for you to add a pocket square the next time you put your suit on.


Square Fold

While all folding techniques are pretty easy, the Square Fold is surely one of the easiest and is a great starting point for pocket square novices.

Start with your pocket square flat on a table. Fold it in half vertically, left side over the right side. Then fold if in half again, this time horizontally. You can fold the bottom completely over the top portion or you can place the bottom half over the top, positing the bottom edge slightly lower than the top edge to create a layered effect. Place the folded pocket square inside your suit pocket, with either one or both edges appearing above the pocket.


Single Point Fold

Again, start with your pocket square flat on a table but this time, position it so that one corner is pointing towards you and it looks like a diamond. Then, fold it horizontally in half, positioning the bottom corner over the top corner and creating a triangular shape. The next step is to fold the left corner half way towards the right corner. Repeat the process, this time folding the right corner half way towards the left corner. You should now have created an open envelope-like shape, with a triangular point at the top. Position your pocket square in your suit so the pointed triangle appears above the pocket.

Puff Fold

Once again, start with your pocket square laid down on a flat surface. Pinch the pocket square in the center and pick it up so all the corners and edges naturally hang down. While still pinching the center, gather the hanging fabric, pulling it down into a loose tube-like shape. Finally, fold or roll up the dangling edges towards the back, until the tube-like shape is just long enough for your pocket. Gently tuck the pocket square into your suit jacket so just the puff or rounded top appear above the edge.


These three simple styles alone will give that extra flair to your traditional suit look for this holiday season and beyond.