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Prince Of Wales Grey Herringbone Tweed 3 Piece Suit

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This grey herringbone tweed suit commands admiration and respect.

In this beautiful Prince of Wales tweed suit, you’ll feel comfortable and very elegant at the same time. The Prince of Wales Tweed jacket also works well as an elegant final touch to an ordinary shirt and trousers. It makes the look more elegant, but not too formal. With its exceptional craftsmanship quality and impressive fabric, it just attracts attention. Even the most frugal of women find themselves drawn to the power of a man in a crisp tweed suit.


  • Jacket, Waistcoat and Trousers Set
  • Vintage Wooden Buttons - Umber or Black
  • Notched Lapel
  • Double Vented Jacket - Single by Request
  • Working Pockets
  • Classic Waistcoat Design
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This suit is handmade to order. Our suits are shipped directly from our team of expert tailors abroad and VAT charges may apply.

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Fabric Care:

Dry Clean Only; Iron on Coolest Setting with Freshly Cleaned Iron
Material: 60% Wool & 40% Terylene Weight: 600gsm