13 Sophisticated Social Influencers to Follow for Male Fashion Tips

So many people think they can be influencers nowadays, but let’s be real –– few can actually nail a sophisticated look. There’s nothing worse than opening Instagram to see nothing but sloppily-dressed models wearing clothes you’ll never buy.

Instead, you should fill your feed with individuals who match your sense of style. We’re talking elegance, well-tailored suits, classy accessories, and injections of colour and personality.

Let's look at some of our favourite fashionable Instagrammers who perfectly embody the spirit we love. 


Brian Sacawa 


Brian brings high-street fashion to a much more accessible place with his Instagram. The stylist and fashion author shares how he elevates classic outfits using simple accessories, and all his posts share detailed info about what he’s wearing so you can take inspiration and do the same. Truly, Brian is the blueprint for excellent and sophisticated men’s fashion content. 


Richard Biedul


No one wears a suit quite like Richard Biedul. His fashion sense revolves around modern tailoring, though he isn’t afraid to play with colour and accessories to bring his outfits to life. The British creative director shares Instagram content that’ll empower you to inject your personality into your style, piece by piece. 

Mathias le Fèvre 


This London-based model is definitely one to add to your following list. His posts are mostly high-fashion editorial shoots, with a smattering of more casual street style. No matter what, Mathias is always sophistication personified –– rarely out of a suit and always exuding grace and confidence. 


Michael Sabuni 


Michael absolutely nails the casual yet sharp aesthetic that we’re all striving for. Whether he’s dressed down in jeans and sneakers, or pairing a t-shirt with a perfectly-tailored suit, his outfits will surely give you inspiration for styling your own. He’s known for his accessories game, always choosing the perfect bag or hat for every occasion. 


Zak Maoui 


Zak is the style editor at British GQ, so it’s no surprise that he’s got a particularly stylish Instagram presence. Along with his own sharp outfit photos, Zak also shares a lot of aspirational fashion content from celebrities and editorial shoots. His account is a perfectly-curated stream of the most sophisticated and well-dressed people on the planet. 


Trevor Stuurman 


You can’t get cooler than Trevor Stuurman. This South African photographer, who was named by TIME as a Next Generation Leader, has a visually-arresting Instagram feed dominated by street style and impressive interior design. He’s a valuable addition to any fashion-lover’s follow list.


Christian Kimber 


An Australian fashion designer based in Melbourne, Christian Kimber is the absolute expert when it comes to dapper dressing. As well as his own outfit choices which no doubt turn heads every time he leaves the house, his grid is also home to product shots and photoshoots for his brand. 

Christian Kimber in a suit

Image source:  https://www.instagram.com/christian_kimber/


Giampaolo Alliata 


Following Milan-based Giampaolo will not only make your Instagram feed more stylish, but also a much more positive place. His captions are wonderful, filled with sunshine and affirmations to keep you smiling. Plus, his street style is impeccable, and his suit collection will make you envious!


Stylish Grid Game 


While it’s not one individual influencer, this Instagram account rounds up some of the best outfit flatlays shared by some of the most fashionable people on social media. There are some excellent coordinations going on here which will surely inspire you, and the way it’s so simply represented is a good reminder that fashion doesn’t always have to be showy and over-the-top.


Paul Juchima 


To Paul, fine tailoring is the height of sophistication –– and we’d have to agree! Though he’s based in Australia, his dapper outfit choices look like he’s just stepped off a Milan catwalk. We have a feeling that after hitting that Follow button you’ll be saving at least a few of his street style photos for outfit inspiration. He’s got a good balance going on of clothing and lifestyle shots. 


Nickelson Wooster 


The former menswear creative director for US clothing giant JCPenney, Nick is now a self-proclaimed “free agent”. Nearly a million people follow his Instagram, likely because of his unique style which could be described as ‘biker meets gentleman’. Though his outfits are simple at first glance, there’s often a lot more than meets the eye. His gentle yet affirming confidence takes his social presence to a whole new level. 


Joe Ottaway 


Joe is a stylist and image consultant who definitely practices what he preaches. His personal style relies heavily on a good linen suit, paired with a variety of different shirts, shoes, hats, and accessories to keep things fresh. Along with his own sophisticated fashion choices, Joe also shares outfit inspiration from clients and photoshoots. 

Joe Ottoway in a suit

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/joeottaway/


Matthew Zorpas 


The founder of TheGentlemanBlogger, Matthew’s Instagram is a visual delight. It’s the perfect blend of travel and fashion, with Matthew showing off his sophisticated outfits wherever he goes. He’s usually in a perfectly-tailored suit, which he often mixes with jeans, t-shirts, and loud prints to add his own energy to the mix.

Itching to invest in a new suit after looking at all these stylish men? Got some great new ideas for outfits that’ll look good on the ‘gram and in person? 

Whether you’re a city-dweller or more at home in the countryside, there's a tweed suit for you! Get in touch with us today, and we’ll have you sorted in no time. 

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