Do’s and Don’ts when Donning a Suit Jacket with Jeans

August 11, 2021


We all know a suit elevates any look. Smart, stylish and savvy, it’s no wonder it has been a staple of men’s fashion for centuries.

But what about when things are a little less formal?

A suit jacket with jeans can be a shrewd sartorial choice. Style icons such as Idris Elba, David Gandy, Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hardy all regularly rock the look. Mixing formality with approachability, it’s the go-to pairing for those with more casual air.

Combining a suit jacket with jeans isn’t without pitfalls. To make sure you’re fully confident in this classic combo, we’ll walk through the crucial do’s and don’ts.

So, if you’re ready – let’s get started…




…select well-fitting jeans


With a simple pairing, the key elements need to be right.

Your jeans will be a focal point of the outfit, so decide which style is right for you.

There are so many options – straight leg, skinny, form-fitting or loose-fitted cuts. Whatever style you go for, make sure they are tailored appropriately. There’s nothing worse than a long, scuffed trouser or an overly tight waistband. 

Furthermore, ensure your jeans are always clean, ironed and enhance the outfit as a whole. We are gentlemen of class after all.


…pay attention to colour


When coupling a suit jacket with jeans, go for similar tones with a couple of shades difference. A slight variance will provide visual interest to your look, without being overly orchestrated.

Jeans in black or indigo are always a smart option, complementing the formality of darker suit jackets.

For a more spontaneous occasion, a lighter trouser is eminently acceptable. Paired with a light brown herringbone, you’re onto a winner.


…choose fabrics carefully


We’re assuming most modern men have at least one pair of jeans already.

So that leaves the jacket…

When you’re making a purchase, select your fabrics carefully.

Sturdier materials such as tweed are perfect to breach the gap between smart and casual. 

A matte appearance will further avoid any jarring oppositions. Just avoid fabrics with overly boisterous patterns, as this will detract from a simple, laid-back look.




…forget to tuck your shirt in


Whilst we’re all for bending the rules – there are some that are there for a reason.

So remember to tuck your shirt in. We’re casual, but not that casual!

Tucking your shirt in creates a cohesive and clean silhouette. It will make you appear slimmer and of course, smarter.

Whilst we’re here, leaving a couple of shirt-buttons undone will add to a relaxed look.

See… we’re not complete sticklers!


…ignore the jacket sizing


We’ve talked about the fit of your jeans – but don’t forget your jacket needs to fit perfectly too. 

A properly fitted jacket is essential. Too baggy, and there’s a potential to look scruffy. Too small and tight, and your movement is restricted. 

We’re looking for that “goldilocks” zone – just right.

All Tweedmaker suits are made to order, to your exact measurements. So you can rest easy here gents (phew).


…skimp on the extras


The devil’s in the details – so don’t overlook accessories and footwear.

When you wear a suit jacket with jeans, go for a semi-formal shoe. Chelsea boots, loafers, brogues or boat shoes are all good options.

A high-quality belt (matched to the colour of your shoes) will define your waistline and lend a sense of completeness to the outfit.

Other accessories are up to you. Do you love wearing a hat? Colourful pocket squares? Go for it! Style is all about confidence. So wear what makes you feel good.


man in suit with hat


A suit jacket with jeans is the perfect fashion choice for semi-formal occasions. Think about a brunch with friends, afternoon date, stroll in the countryside or business travel. You’re relaxed, but you still want to impress. Naturally.

At Tweedmaker, we carefully create great clothes for great people – suitable for all manner of occasions. Browse our collection of tweed suits and get in touch if you’re in need of any advice. We’re here to help, and at your service.