4 Benefits of Getting a Gents Suit Custom Tailored

August 26, 2021


The gents suit is a timeless piece for men. Can you ever imagine such a fine ensemble ever going out of fashion? Impossible!

It’s therefore important for a gentleman to invest in his suit, to ensure that he is always looking at his finest.

That’s why we’d always encourage one to opt for custom tailoring

Traditionally, a custom suit might’ve been somewhat steep. Not only this, but you’d have had to trek all the way to the tailors my dear friend! 

But thanks to the trusty internet, getting your hands on a gents suit made specifically to your measurements is a seamless experience (pardon the pun). 


The benefits of a custom tailored gents suit

1 - The perfect fit

With in-store suits, you’ll be looking for one that fits you as closely as possible. You may find a suit that fits well, but unless you are a mannequin it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find the perfect fit.

No two gentlemen are quite the same!

Whether you’re a particularly muscular chap, on the taller or shorter side, or have particularly lengthy arms, custom tailoring will be the right option for you. You’ll be saving vast amounts of time, avoiding the ordeal of visiting several shops and not to mention endlessly trying on suits, praying that they’ll fit!

Not only does an ill-fitting suit look less pristine, but it may be quite uncomfortable. We don’t want that. 

On the contrary, a custom tailored suit is quite literally made for you. All you need to do is provide your measurements and the tailors will work their magic!

At Tweedmaker, you have the option to select either standard or custom sizing. Each option requires measurements to find the right fit for each refined gentleman who seeks us out, though custom uses additional details to guarantee the ultimate fit. 

2 - Personalisation

It’s no use settling for any old suit. What’s the point in that? Your suit should be the pride of your wardrobe. You should exude an air of memorable prestige whenever you don a gents suit, not blending into the crowd!

You simply cannot expect the same from an in-store suit. You can spend hours traipsing around the shops, but it’s unlikely that you’ll happen upon the exact suit you’re picturing right now in your head… 

Unless you get it custom made of course. 


wedding couple on a beach

3 - Quality

A custom tailored suit is more likely to have been crafted by hand. We can assure you it is telling when a suit has been handmade, rather than machine finished. Custom tailored suits are made to last.

4 - Best of both

A custom tailored suit is essentially the middle ground of a ready to wear suit and the bespoke. A bespoke suit requires a much greater investment of both time and money. 

With custom tailoring, you’ll be receiving the quality and care that goes into bespoke, but in a much more timely manner - and your wallet will thank you too!

Ready to make it your own?

If you fancy delving into the lavish world of  custom tailored suits, we’re here and ready to make it happen. We also offer a range of optional customizations that will really make your suit stand out. 

With Tweedmaker, you can select whichever suit catches your eye. We’ll be in touch shortly after with clear instructions on how to take your measurements.  Once you have provided them unto our team of expert tailors, it shan’t be long until you’ll get your hands on your beautiful custom tailored gents suit!