Mixing & Matching Tweedmaker Suits

Mixing & Matching Tweedmaker Suits

One of the greatest things about tweed is the versatility it provides. Tweed can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as being perfect for just about any occasion you can imagine, from drinks after work to a formal wedding reception.

There are so many ways that you can style your tweed and linen suits, that when you buy a Tweedmaker piece, you’re not just getting one outfit — you’re getting countless. Let us take this opportunity to open your eyes to the limitless possibilities a high-quality Tweedmaker suit can provide.

Read on, fellow gents!


The waistcoat 

Ah, the 3-piece suit. So many options, so many looks, so many combinations. But one of the most striking and classy moves you can make is to swap out your waistcoat for one of a complementary colour to really make your whole outfit pop and add that little touch of je ne sais quoi to your look.

Take our friend Paul here, for example. He picked up one of our Light Brown Herringbone 3-pieces and paired it with the waistcoat from the Retro Blue Check to take his wedding outfit from good, to great. We hope you’ll agree that he looks quite dashing!


Don’t forget about linen when it comes to waistcoats either. You can pair a contrasting waistcoat with another linen suit, as Simon did with a cream waistcoat and our Light Blue linen 3-piece.



Or take a leaf out of Damon’s book and pair your linen waistcoat with a classic wool suit for a sophisticated yet relaxed look.


The jacket

Potentially the easiest piece to swap in and out with whatever you desire. A top-notch tweed jacket pairs with just about anything, the only limit is your imagination — and your wardrobe! But that’s where Tweedmaker can help.


Take a look at how Richard paired a Blue Herringbone Tweed waistcoat and cashmere overcoat with a pair of wool suit trousers for a look almost as crisp as the bike he’s leaning on. 


Now, we know that this section is about jackets and we’re still talking about waistcoats but the principles are the same and this snap was too good not to include!


If you’re really looking to mix it up with your tweed jacket, why not try swapping out the formal suit trousers for something even more casual with a well-fitting pair of jeans? The Grey Classic jacket is always a winner here or perhaps even the Red Classic for the more daring gentleman.


Just make sure that the colour of your jeans matches your tweed, we wouldn’t want any clashes now, would we?

The accessories

A shirt without a tie is like strawberries without cream — it’s good but it’s not quite complete. That’s why Tweedmaker specialises in some of the best ties on the market. We’ve got your classic wool for a traditional look, or a range of woven ties for something with a bit more spice. 


All of our ties come in a variety of colours, making them perfect for pairing with any kind of suit — be it tweed, linen, or wool — or any shirt you can think of.


If you really want to take things to the next level, the Tweedmaker Vintage Formal Cravat is a game changer. Again, we’ve got all the colours under the sun so you can take any outfit you fancy and put a dapper, formal spin on it.


Whether you’re looking for a suit for your wedding or just a waistcoat to pair with your Levis, Tweedmaker has it all. Explore our range of high-quality suits, shirts, and accessories and find the perfect look for any occasion with endless mix & match possibilities. We’ll see you there!


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