Our Tweed Heroes: James Bond

February 22, 2022

James Bond is undeniably the poster boy (or perhaps ‘poster gentleman’ would be more apt) of men’s fashion in Britain. Since the first Bond film hit theatres in 1961, we’ve been in awe of 007’s dapper outfit choices. 

Here at Tweedmaker, we’re obviously drawn to all things tweed. And although James Bond has been seen in everything from silk to spandex, we think that his tweed wardrobe deserves its own special mention. He is from Scotland after all, so he definitely knows his tweed!

As part of the Tweedmaker Tweed Heroes segment, we’ve paid tribute to well-known tweed wearers, from Idris Elba to Rod Stewart. Now it’s James Bond’s time to shine. 

The casual tweed

One of the first times we saw Bond in tweed –– on Sean Connery in 1964’s Goldfinger –– the effect oozed effortless cool. The film’s costume designer paired a brown tweed jacket with twill trousers in a very similar shade, and a brown knitted tie. The tone-on-tone look is fresh and young, a good reminder that tweed is just as versatile a fabric as other suit choices. 

james bond in a suit

Credit: Eon Productions / United Artists

The tweed jacket

Tweed isn’t only to be worn with suits and ties! In, Diamonds Are Forever, during a trip to Las Vegas, Bond pairs a sharp tweed jacket with a tan turtleneck for a more casual, after-hours look. The brown tweed is accented with red and black and serves to prove that three-piece tweed suits can be separated and worn independently, to get the most wear out of your purchase.

Credit: Eon Productions / United Artists

The classic dapper look

It’s hard to imagine Pierce Brosnan looking bad in anything, but he looks especially dapper in this charcoal tweed suit from The World Is Not Enough. Dark, cool colours like greys and blacks tend to look more modern while still retaining the classic look you get with tweed. 

Paired with a black tie and white shirt, you can’t get more classic Bond than this!

Credit: Eon Productions / United International Pictures

Bonus: The tweed hat

Ok, James Bond has never worn a tweed hat on-screen. But Daniel Craig is a massive fan of the tweed newsboy hat –– he’s been spotted many a time wearing one around London. Craig pairs his hats with casual tees, grungy motorcycle jackets, sport coats, and formal suits. He’s proof that a tweed hat is the most versatile addition to your wardrobe!

How to emulate James Bond with Tweedmaker

Want to get a little James Bond in your wardrobe? Then have a look at our Tweedmaker range and get inspired.

Tweed three-piece suits

A classic wardrobe staple, we have a comprehensive range of three-piece suits in a variety of colours and patterns. The best thing about these, as we’ve seen throughout the James Bond films, is that you can mix and match the three pieces, wearing them together or separately. 

We only sell suits with the highest craftsmanship, so you can be assured your suit will be as good –– and fit as well –– as 007’s. 

Tweed newsboy hats

If Daniel Craig thinks something is fashionable, then that’s a seal of approval. Whether you’re accessorising a three-piece tweed suit, or just adding a classy touch to a casual shirt-and-jeans outfit, a tweed newsboy cap is an absolute staple for the dapper gentleman. 

Plaid tweed suits

Bond isn’t afraid to embrace plaid from time to time, and neither should you. A retro plaid suit is the ultimate statement outfit — especially when you lean into the eccentric aesthetic and pair it with a patterned tie. Sure, dark, block colour suits are versatile, but a plaid suit is the best way to make an impression. 

No matter your style preferences, Tweedmaker is the best place to find your ideal tweed suit. With nothing but the highest quality fabric and craftsmanship, and a great selection of colours, patterns, and suit accessories, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you.