Casual Suit Ideas: 8 Ways to Look Smart While Staying Comfy

Even the most sartorially stylish of gentlemen isn’t dressed to the nines every day of the week. So what is the off-duty gent to do with a beautiful three-piece tweed suit?

Luckily, tweed looks incredible as part of a laid back ensemble. If you have a three-piece suit relegated to the depths of your wardrobe, now’s the time to refresh, repurpose and restyle.

All you need to do is pick out the key elements of a tweed suit – then mix and match with other items from your wardrobe.

The end result? A look that wows in the style stakes but also comes with an extra helping of cosy comfort. Here are a few ideas for achieving the ultimate in casual suit attire.

8 casual suit ideas

Ditch the tie

We get it. Not every gent out there is ready to go the whole hog. Style stalwarts out there may baulk at the idea of dressing down a beautifully put together three-piece.

But you can start by simply ditching the tie and undoing your top shirt button. It’s an easy way to loosen up and lessen the formality.

Go casual with footwear

Whilst dress shoes are par for the course on formal occasions, there’s no reason to squeeze your feet into inflexible footwear unless you really have to.

Boots look great as part of a casual suit look. And don’t dismiss trainers either. A pair of streamlined, sleek (and very clean) sports shoes are the go-to for many an A-list star when dressing down a traditional suit.

Don a patterned shirt

Heading to a party, a work social or out on a date? Switch out a formal shirt for something with a little more personality.

A patterned shirt brings a more laid back vibe to a traditional tweed three-piece. Just steer clear of anything too garish.

Then take off your jacket and roll up those shirt sleeves to truly ace that comfy, casual suit style.

Pick out a plain t-shirt

When it comes to comfort, who wouldn’t choose a relaxed tee over a restrictive dress shirt? But it’s not simply a case of picking out your favourite t-shirt and throwing it on under a tweed suit.

To make this ensemble smart as well as comfortable, opt for a crew neck t-shirt. No pattern and no pockets. Pick out a colour that complements the tones of your suit. And remember that slim rather than loose fit gives a slicker and more stylish finish.  

Mix it up with jeans or chinos

suit jacket with jeans

Choose the right jeans or chinos and you really can cut a dash – even without those tailored suit trousers. This look is perfect for a day out in the city, dinner with the other half or just drinks with friends.

Wear a tweed waistcoat and jacket over a shirt. Pair with dark coloured jeans or chinos. And don’t forget to add in a smart belt. With the addition of a pair of boots (see above) you’ll look debonair in a wonderfully effortless way.   

Switch a jacket for cosy knitwear

Winter is on its way, which means cosy knitwear is coming out of hibernation.

Whether you’re rediscovering or updating your winter wardrobe, look out for jumpers, sweaters or cardigans that can be worn in lieu of a tweed jacket and waistcoat.

Opt for sleek, slimline sweaters for a smart, tailored look. Or go chunky with your knitwear for a cosy festive gathering.

Wear the whole suit!

man in suit on a beach

Here at TweedMaker, we’d argue that a well-made, well-fitting tweed suit is as comfortable as any other sartorial choice. And there’s absolutely no doubting its style credentials.

So when it comes to anniversaries, formal celebrations or special occasions, there’s really no excuse not to don your full three-piece suit.

Tweed suits for any occasion

A tweed suit is refined, luxurious and versatile – so there’s certainly no need to mothball your three-piece until the next special occasion happens to roll by.  

By treating each tweed suit element as simply another item of clothing in your wardrobe, you can create a variety of casual suit looks – dressing up or dressing down as the occasion requires whilst always feeling comfortable and looking smart.

Find your perfect fit. Visit TweedMaker to discover tweed suits in a range of colours, patterns and styles.

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