Why Tweed is the Perfect Material for the Summer Months

April 24, 2023

Why Tweed is the Perfect Material for the Summer Months

Things are starting to heat up again (though hopefully not to highs of 40℃ this year!) and it’s time to get your summer wardrobe in order. We’re talking loose shirts, chinos, linen suits, and our trusty old namesake — tweed. 

You already know that tweed is great for winter so it might come as a surprise to hear us recommending it for summer as well, but we’re about to banish all doubts from your mind.

Here are all the reasons tweed is summersuitable (adjective, /ˈsʌm.ərˈsuː.tə.bəl/, suitable for summer and able to be turned into a summer suit).

Moisture-wicking properties

Wool is a naturally moisture-wicking fabric, meaning that moisture quickly travels to the surface of the material where it can evaporate. In the winter, this helps tweed keep you warm and dry — even if you step in an icy puddle. 

In the summer, it becomes useful for a whole other problem: sweat. Instead of the moisture getting trapped between your skin and the fabric or causing long-lasting dampness in your clothing, tweed’s breathability makes sure you stay dry and comfortable. 

It’s important not to set your expectations too high, though. Tweed is a natural product that was historically unbeatable in durability and other areas — but it’s not comparable to the heat and moisture-resistant synthetics we can produce today.


As a fabric, tweed is pretty darn versatile but that’s nothing compared to its versatility in fashion. If you’re in a tweed mood, you can pretty much make it happen no matter the weather. You can wear a full three-piece suit, a two-piece, or even just the jacket and still achieve the look (think Matt Smith’s Doctor Who). 

man on bench with tweed jacket

This freedom means you can swap out elements depending on the weather — the waistcoat would be the first to go, leaving an open-collar linen or a breathable cotton shirt. And if you’re still feeling a little too toasty, just set aside the trousers for another day and pull on some chinos. 

Pair this with some summer-appropriate footwear like loafers and you’ll be able to achieve cool comfort without giving up your tweed. If you’re somewhere excessively warm, you could even find a jacket made from lighter fabric but including tweed accents like elbow patches — just as a last resort!

It comes in different weights

Before you start adding tweed pieces to your basket, it’s important to know that tweed comes in different weights. While you won’t find anything as light as linen or cotton, you still don’t want to be buying heavy-duty winter tweed for your summer ensemble. 

Fabric weight is generally measured in grams per square metre and tweed can be anything from 250-600gsm. On the heavy side, uses include outdoor and work clothing, while three-piece suits and other garments tend to be made with something lighter.

When shopping, watch out for keywords like “heavy weight”, “medium weight”, and “light weight” and if you don’t see any information, try reaching out to the store in question. This can make a noticeable difference to your overall comfort during the summer, so it’s worth finding something as lightweight as possible. 

It comes in a variety of colours

If browns and beiges are the colours that come to mind when you think of tweed, you’re not alone. Those are the classics, after all. But modern tweed suits can come in a whole range of colours that you’ll find quite well-matched for the bright summer months. 

Olive greens, striking blues, bright reds, and light greys are all fairly common colours for tweed suits. You can also choose from solid colours or classic check or plaid patterns which add an extra burst of colour. 

men in green and blue tweed suits

If that’s still not colourful enough for you, you can even find ensembles sporting different coloured pieces. A green jacket and tie complementing a red waistcoat, for example, is a particularly dashing combination. And if you want to see such beauty with your own eyes, simply check out Tweedmaker’s range of handmade tweed suits here!