Our Tweed Heroes: Idris Elba

January 25, 2022

Tweed has a long history. Hundreds of years’ worth, in fact. But you only have to flick through the fashion pages to see that tweed is being kept bang up to date by a roster of tweed-loving stars.

As part of the TweedMaker Tweed Hero series, we take a look at some of the world’s best and most well-known tweed wearers, in a bid to get men’s tweed tips from the most stylish modern gents around.

This time, we’re delving into the tweed wardrobe of none other than A-list British actor, Idris Elba.

Men’s tweed tips from our Tweed Hero - Idris Elba

Has Idris Elba ever made a fashion misstep? We’re struggling to think of one. Whether he’s rocking up to a royal wedding, the Met Gala or just doing a DJ set at Glastonbury (yes, really!), Elba’s sartorial style is consistently on point.

As well as crisp black tie ensembles and effortlessly cool casual wear, this stalwart of both the big and small screen is a dedicated fan of tweed. On duty – as Luther in the eponymous TV series – and off, Elba’s tweed choices are an inspiration to any debonair chap with an eye for style.

So without further ado, let’s get some men’s tweed tips by taking a look at Idris Elba’s tweed style in action.

The tweed coat

Idris Elba’s on screen alter ego, detective John Luther, was very rarely seen without his iconic grey tweed coat. He wore it over a grey suit, typically with a red tie – the look encapsulating this daring if taciturn character.  

But this isn’t just a look donned for the day job. Elba has regularly been spotted in a tweed pea coat. Paired with suit trousers and a slim line sweater it has been used to create a casual but memorable red carpet look.

The tweed flat cap

Idris attended an independent film award shindig wearing a snappy grey suit and cooler than cool shades. But the cherry on top of this sartorial masterpiece? A brown checked tweed flat cap.

The addition of tweed headwear made Elba’s ensemble feel a little more casual and much more original. It was yet another example of the cool, collected style Idris does so well.  

A tweed three piece

Idris Elba is no stranger to the traditional three piece suit. He’s worn a full three piece at swanky awards ceremonies, red carpet events and for Harry and Meghan’s nuptials. But our favourite three piece has to be the one he wore for a GQ shoot.

Grey and pink checked tweed over a pastel coloured roll neck proved two things. Firstly, Idris isn’t afraid of colour. And secondly, Idris (and perhaps all of us) can successfully rip up the suit attire rule book – whilst still staying true to great tailoring and looking every inch the modern, dapper gent.

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Colourful tweed options

man in red tweed suit

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