Our Tweed Heroes - Ryan Reynolds

There’s no doubt about it: tweed is here to stay. For centuries it’s been beloved by both men and women, all over the world. 

Not only is it a hardy fabric, but it’s stylish too –– a combination we don’t always get in fashion. Plus, tweed is timeless. You can embrace its vintage quality or style it to look ultra-modern.

Flick through the pages of any men’s fashion magazine, and you’ll see just how cool tweed is for the modern man, from street style to red carpets and everything in between.


tweed shooting suit

We’re celebrating tweed 

And the men who wear it - with our tweed heroes series. These dapper chaps love incorporating a bit of tweed into their wardrobes, landing them on Best Dressed pages with their stylish looks. There’s no doubt these men all wear it extremely well, and serve as great inspiration for the rest of us tweed lovers. 

After diving deep into David Beckham’s love for the stylish fabric, today we’re going to be turning our focus to Ryan Reynolds; an undeniable style icon. 


Ryan Reynolds: a tweed hero

Though he’s famous for his role as Deadpool and his high-profile marriage to Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds is perhaps best known for his spot-on sense of style. Whether he’s on set, running errands or attending movie premieres, Ryan always hits the mark.

It’s almost impossible to choose our favourite looks from Deadpool –– there are a lot to choose from. He does an excellent job of styling tweed for different occasions, whether it's a full three-piece suit or just a tweed accent piece. 

He’s mastered the ability to find a tweed look for every occasion. We have to hand it to him! Let’s look at some of his best.


Coloured tweed

Coloured tweed suits are a great way to liven up a formal outfit and inject some personality into your clothes. Ryan loves a statement look – like this green tweed suit worn in 2016. 

By pairing a coloured fabric with shoes, a tie, and a pocket square in complementary colours, you can add some subtle playfulness without overdoing it. 


red tweed suit

Tweed jacket

In the film Mississippi Grind, Ryan’s character was wearing the same tweed jacket in almost every single scene. Worn with a loosely buttoned shirt and jeans, a well-tailored tweed jacket is a quick and easy way to elevate a casual outfit and seem more put-together. 

Tweed coat

A good tweed coat is an absolute winter essential. In a photo shoot for GQ, Ryan shared how he wears a classic coat with sweatpants while running errands.

It may sound like a strange combination, but a pair of well-tailored tracksuit bottoms can go a long way –– especially when paired with tweed. 

Tweed hat

Over the last decade, Ryan has been snapped dozens of times by paparazzi out and about wearing a tweed cap. 

He’s worn it with jeans and a leather jacket, a button-up wool cardigan, even khakis and sneakers. 

It’s an excellent reminder that tweed caps are one of the most versatile items a gentleman can add to their wardrobe. 


tweed suit with a flat cap

How to copy Ryan Reynolds’ tweed looks

At Tweedmaker, we’ve got you covered (literally) for every Ryan Reynolds-inspired outfit you could dream of. 

Our three-piece tweed suits are the perfect starting point, and incredibly versatile. Wear all three pieces together for special occasions, or just pair the pants with a t-shirt for something more casual. 

A well-fitting tweed jacket looks great with jeans and chinos (or sweatpants, a la Ryan Reynolds). 

Really, there’s no better investment than a three-piece suit. Especially if it’s tweed, a hardy material that’ll take you through whatever the weather throws at you. 

Start out with something in a classic navy or grey colour, then you can invest in something more striking –– like our red three-piece suit or olive green check suit. 

Once you’ve built up a colour palette in your wardrobe, you can begin to mix and match your suits and have a lot of fun coming up with outfits.

We’ve also got hats, ties, and suspenders to top off your classy looks.

Ready to bring a little Ryan Reynolds dapperness to your life? Head to Tweedmaker for all your tweed fashion needs.

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