The Best Dressed Men Courtside: Wimbledon 2022

Wimbledon is not only the world’s oldest tennis tournament. It’s a prestigious, cultural event in Britain that celebrates the sport in style. 

Set in the English summer sunshine, ladies and gentlemen arrive at the occasion equipped with their delectable picnic spreads and flowing champagne. The oooh-ing, ahhh-ing and raptures of applause from the well-dressed spectators echo around the London area as they watch the top tennis talent in the world go toe-to-toe.  

The Wimbledon tournament, held at The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club has long been associated with fashion. Ralph Lauren has dressed the ball boys and girls for well over a decade, while the sportsmen and women must take to the court in their tennis whites. 

The crowd — dotted with royalty, celebrities and other famous faces — are not so restricted in their choice of outfits. But what exactly should one wear to attend Wimbledon? 

Is there a dress code for Wimbledon?

It may come as a surprise, but there is no strict dress code for the spectators at Wimbledon. Though with that being said, members of the crowd are encouraged to dress smartly. 

The only strict rule surrounding attire for the public is that their clothes should not feature any offensive or political messages, nor should they offer clear commercial marketing. 

This year, Wimbledon attendees have been blessed with particularly warm and sunny weather. However, Brits are more than familiar with the unpredictable nature of summertime, so it’s rather sensible to dress in preparation for all weathers. That could even mean packing your sun cream along with your umbrella. 

While ladies will often opt for light, flowing dresses, gentlemen tend to don fashionable suits along with their best ties. Traditional, tailored suits are most commonly worn at the tennis tournament, so we’d recommend bringing out your favourite suit for the occasion. 

Still unsure what to wear? We’ll garner some inspiration for you below sir. 

Best dressed men from the tournament

Here are some of the best-dressed gentlemen that attended Wimbledon this year.

Tom Hiddleston 


As a regular attendee of Wimbledon, Mr Hiddleston knows exactly how to dress for the occasion. His navy, tailored suit was a perfect choice for the day. 

Mark Rylance


Dressed in a brown suit, paired with a complementary waistcoat that matched his hat, Mark Rylance looked ever the gentleman. 

Paul Mescal


Looking rather dapper in his navy pinstripe suit, Paul dressed the look down with a casual white t-shirt paired with white trainers.

Andrew Garfield


Mr Garfield looked well put together in a neutral-toned suit, completing the look with a darker pair of loafers. 

George Ezra


The texture of this suit adds a sophisticated air to this navy ensemble worn by George Ezra. 

Joe Locke, Yasmin Finney and Sebastian Croft


Young actors Joe Locke, Yasmin Finney and Sebastian Croft showed the older generation how Wimbledon is done in their bright yet traditional choices of suit. Pairing your traditional blazer jacket with some brighter trousers is an excellent way to spruce up your look. 

Hugh Grant


Hugh Grant shows us how mixing tones can create a unique look for your day at the tennis tournament. 

Anson Boon


The young gentleman Anson Boon used an orange scarf to add an unexpected twist to his dark blue suit, along with a nautical-striped t-shirt that’s often typical of Wimbledon looks. 

Omari Douglas



Light grey suits are a wonderful option for a warm, summer social occasion, as demonstrated by Mr Douglas here. 

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley



If you’d prefer to branch out from the traditional darker grey, brown or blue suits, then Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley have provided the ultimate inspiration for colourful suit attire. Be sure to match your shoes to other elements of your outfit as these gentlemen have demonstrated. 

Your perfect Wimbledon suit 

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