When To Wear Your Tweed Suit

December 10, 2020

When To Wear Your Tweed Suit

Are you still trying to figure out when to wear your tweed suit? Well, the answer is easy: right now! What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to wear your tweed suits than the Fall and Winter months when the temperature ranges from chilly one day to blistering cold the next.


We know that at this present time, with the current global situation, social affairs are vastly limited, work events are predominantly online and just going out for any occasion in general is still largely restricted. This may lead you to believe that there’s really no reason to dress up. On the contrary, this actually makes every occasion even more special and every occasion, a reason to dress your best. On the more practical side of things and from a sensible perspective, wearing tweed garments to stay warm and prevent from any sniffles is crucial now more than ever.



For your everyday wear, whether you’re in quarantine in the country side or going out to do socially distant work in the city, you can’t go wrong with a classic two-piece tweed ensemble – whether it be a tweed vest and trousers or a tweed suit jacket and trousers. Casual days in the country may just require a tweed vest over your button down shirt worn with coordinating trousers. Go for earthy color tones like olive green or shades of brown and tan.


On the contrary, if you’d like to follow a more smart casual dress code for an afternoon social affair or a professional engagement, a blue tweed suit will do just the trick. You can even go sans necktie. Now, if you’re looking to step out appearing sharp and debonair, a tweed suit in dark grey, navy blue or black is the way to go. Show off your sense of style by choosing a Herringbone or Check pattern instead of a predictable plain suit. A crisp dress shirt, necktie, well-polished shoes, and of course, a face mask, are musts to complete your look.



For an evening out or for an event that has a dress code yet one that’s not strictly formal, such as an intimate wedding, put on your best three-piece tweed suit. Darker colors work best for dressier affairs. However, don’t be afraid to don a light grey or even a light blue three-piece tweed suit. You’re sure to turn more than a few heads and give James Bond a run for his money.


We all know that dressing well doesn’t only make you look good on the outside but it also helps you feel good on the inside and these days, we could all use the extra reasons to look and feel good. There are no fashion rules now. The only rule that applies is when it comes to wearing a face mask. So, whether you’re getting ready for work, heading out to run a quick errand, or getting dressed for a small social gathering or even an online get together, any event is an extra special event and the perfect excuse to throw on your favorite tweed suit.