Men's Wardrobe Maintenance: Essential Organisation

March 13, 2023

Men's Wardrobe Maintenance: Essential Organisation

It’s all well and good having a wardrobe filled to the brim with dapper looks and elegant suits but if you can’t find your favourite outfits under a pile of old shirts and crumpled up ties, you might as well not have bought them.

A well-organised wardrobe not only saves time and reduces stress but also helps in extending the life of your clothes. Properly organising your wardrobe allows you to easily find what you need, when you need it, and ensure you’re dressed for every occasion.

Here are a few tips for organising your wardrobe to keep you dressed your best.

Cut the chaff

The first step to wardrobe organisation is to get rid of all of the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Here’s a handy tip:

If you haven’t worn it in a year — get rid!

We all have clothes we’re hanging on to for one reason or another but when it comes to really getting on top of your wardrobe space, you need to be honest with yourself. If you haven’t worn something in a year, chances are you’re not going to be wearing it anytime soon. Do yourself (and someone else!) a favour and donate those clothes!


The next step is to categorise your clothes. Divide your clothes into categories such as shirts, trousers, jackets, etc. Within each category, you can then sort your clothes by colour and season

This will make it easier to find the exact look you need, whether that be for the office, a dinner party, or your best friend’s wedding.

Hang those old hangers out to dry

Is there anything less appealing than opening your wardrobe and seeing an assortment of bizarre, mismatched hangers? No only does they make your clothes look bad when they’re hanging, they can also damage more delicate pieces.

Invest in good quality hangers to ensure that your clothes are stored properly. Wooden or velvet hangers are ideal as they provide good support and prevent clothes from slipping off. 

Hangers that are all the same size and shape will also create a uniform look and help you maximise the space in your wardrobe. Plus, with standard hangers, your eyes will be immediately drawn to your clothes, rather than the hodge-podge of conflicting wood and plastic.

Good hangers pay for themselves, trust us!

Get smart with storage

Turning up to a function with a crumpled tie or poorly ironed pocket square is never a good look. But too often, we end up just chucking those smaller bits into the bottom of our wardrobes and not giving it a second thought until we need them.

Use organising tools such as shelf dividers, drawer organisers, and hanging hooks to maximise your storage space and keep your clothes looking crisp. 

Drawer organisers are great for storing small items like socks, underwear and jewellery, while shelf dividers can be used to separate folded clothes, bags and shoes. Hanging hooks on the back of your wardrobe door is perfect for storing ties, belts, and other accessories.

Use the space you’ve got as efficiently as possible.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Something that is often overlooked is keeping your wardrobe and other storage spaces clean. It’s tempting to find what you need, then throw it back in when you’re done. But even if your wardrobe is pristinely organised, a dirty space will lead to dirty clothes and shorten the lifespan of your outfits.

Regularly clean your wardrobe to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. Wipe down shelves and hanging rods, hoover or sweep the floor, and check for any signs of pests. Try to do this at least once a month or if not, at least when the seasons change and you bring a new set of outfits into rotation.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how to organise your wardrobe. For more tips, tricks, and styling advice, check out the rest of the Tweedmake blog!